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63 I am trying to find companies that can meet MIL-W-80 spec. I... 100% Standards
64 My company is the manufacture of PCs. One of our reliability... 0% Standards
65 We have a dry powder barrel filling application where the po... 0% Standards
69 In your opinion, is the reliability of CMOS IC that have sur... 100% Standards
72 What is the specified humidity level for a class 100 clean r... 20% Standards
93 What is the best way to ground some existing shelving and ra... 100% Standards
106 1. What is the proper method to clean a smock, wash and dry?... 80% Standards
130 What ESD standards can be imposed on Asian and European supp... 100% Standards
131 If the floor itself is properly grounded or ESD mats are use... 0% Standards
142 I have read about class 100 clean rooms, class 10000 tents, ... 40% Standards
143 It is my understanding that dissipative floor mats must be g... 0% Standards
150 What is the best way to package and handle components with C... 0% Standards
151 We have conductive tote boxes with lids on them which are pl... 0% Standards
152 I have been looking into using drag chains on our conductive... 100% Standards
153 What is the appropriate method for measuring conductive floo... 0% Standards
154 Please provide technical data and price of your "Ionization ... 0% Standards
169 What is ANSI ESD-S7.1? - Anonymous, Rochester Hills, MI 80% Standards
170 We are installing new SMT machines and the people without ES... 80% Standards
176 Could you advise on the most effective method by which work ... 0% Standards
178 1) How do the particles get charged in a corona discharge? 2... 0% Standards