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ESD Footwear or Foot Grounders

ESD Footwear or Foot Grounders are used as a method of grounding people via a conductive or dissipative floor. The personnel grounding devices can be used to ground operators when stood or when mobile whilst handling non-shielded ESD Sensitive Devices within the ESD Protected Area (EPA). 

What does the standard say? 
Per IEC 61340-5-1:2016, section 5.3.3 Personnel grounding, "For standing operations, personnel can be grounded via a wrist strap system or by a footwear-flooring system. When a footwear-flooring system is used, personnel shall wear ESD footwear on both feet and the two following conditions shall be met:
  • the total resistance of the system (from the person, through the footwear and flooring toground) shall be less than 1,0 × 109 Ω;
  • the maximum body voltage generation shall be less than 100 V.
Need help choosing the right one? 
Compare Desco Europe foot grounders using the Foot Grounder Selection Chart

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