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Question I have read about class 100 clean rooms, class 10000 tents, class zero work benches, etc. Where can I find out more about these standards, and who sets them? Does certification to a given standard involve actual electrical measurement, or just an assessment of the ESD practices and equipment in use? Can you just declare your compliance, or is outside certification required? - Fletcher , Auckland, New Zealand
Answer Clean room classes are related to the number of airborne particles greater than 0.5 micrometers found within 1 cubic foot of air. ESD device sensitivity classes are related to the specific ESD model and the corresponding maximum voltage the device can be subjected to without any ill effect. The ESD Association located in Rome, NY, - has three standards for device classification, ESD STM5.1-1998, ESD DS5.2-1996, & ESD-DS5.3.1-1996 for humane, machine and device charging respectively. Once the class is established, certification to operating within the classes requirements are typically left to the internal ESD control program team. There are several related standards on our website to use as guides to implement the most appropriate level of protection based on the devices.
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