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Earth Bonding Point Plugs – Common Ground Point

Earth Bonding Point Plugs – Common Ground PointThe Earth Bonding Point (EBP) plug is designed to provide a common ground point using protective earth. It provides a simple method for grounding and electrically bonding ESD control items in the ESD protected area (EPA).

The plug fits into the mains supply socket, making a connection with the earth conductor only. There are moulded insulating plastic pins in place of the live and neutral pins to allow for a positive location in the socket. The connectors at the front of the plug vary in type, from 10 mm studs to binding posts. They are designed to connect to ground cords which in turn are connected to the conductive/dissipative elements in the EPA, such as work surface mat or earth bonding point bar.

Desco Europe manufacturers EBP plugs to fit both UK 13A sockets and European CEE (7) VII Schuko sockets for use in Belgium, France, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands and more.

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