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Tronex Cutters

Engineers and operators in the electronics manufacturing industry know that high volume work can often take a toll on working hands. With this concern in mind, the team at Tronex has designed a suede like non-slip grip on their each of their Hand Cutter models with an option of standard handles or longer, ergonomic handles to provide superior levels of user comfort that will extend their ability and increase productivity throughout the working day. Both the interior layer and the suede like outer layer on Tronex grips are Electrostatic Discharge safe (ESD Safe). Most products are available in both standard handles and longer, ergonomic handles for maximum handling comfort. Designed with Cutting Edge Technology.

  • Precision Cutters are ESD Safe and Lead-Free
  • Cushion grip steel leaf spring handles available in two sizes
  • Made with a bearing ring lap joint for smooth function
  • Induction hardened cutting edges
  • Head shapes include Oval, Tapered, Angled, Standoff, and Tip Cutters
  • Fine Hard Wire Cutting specialty tools available

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