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Question 1. What is the proper method to clean a smock, wash and dry? 2. Is it ok to alter the smock, IE: cutting off the sleeve's or putting a slit in it? 3. What is the typical life of smock, do they break down after a certain period of time or does it lose its ESD? - Stephen Ladd, Comtek Computer Systems, Lincoln, CA
Answer The proper method to clean a smock is to launder the garment in cool or warm water, tumble dry with low heat (under 120 degree Fahrenheit) or hang dry. Do not bleach. Use only non-ionic softeners and detergents when laundering.The smock should not be altered in any way. The smocks effectiveness is in fully covering the human body and street clothes especially at the wrists and front of the body. Altering the smock in anyway will nullify its effectiveness.The typical useful and effective life of smock under normal wearing and recommended washing conditions is a minimum of 75 washings.
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