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Tronex Precision Pliers

Tronex precision pliers are 100% made in the USA with US sourced carbon steel. Our pliers are precision pliers – just like our cutters and are designed for a high level of performance and comfort. Tronex pliers offer some unique characteristics including:

  • ESD Safe cushion grips with stainless steel leaf springs
  • Most offer a choice of standard handle length or long, ergonomic handle length
  • Polished, hand-crafted finish; entirely free of burrs
  • Special design elements such as slightly rounded inner jaw edges and induction hardened tips
  • Over 15 styles available including Chain Nose, Round Nose, Needle Nose, Flat Nose, and Bent Nose

A unique joint:

Tronex pliers feature an innovative bearing ring lap joint design for smooth function, strength and durability. Most pliers on the market have only a lap joint or rivet joint. Tronex pliers will function better, feel more comfortable and last longer than other pliers. This is one of the reasons why Tronex pliers are considered the best performing precision pliers in the world.

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