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Desoldering Braid 

What is Desoldering Braid?

Desoldering braid consists of copper wire that has been braided and coated with flux. The desoldering braid gets used in conjunction with a soldering iron to remove solder from solder joints and components. Desoldering braid can also be known as wick, solder wick, desoldering wick, or solder braid in the marketplace.

How does Desoldering Braid work?

When you lay the desoldering braid over a solder joint and heat it with a soldering iron the solder of the joint melts and the flux on the braid activates. This causes the solder from the joint to flow up into the copper through capillary action. Once the braid has been used and saturated with solder it cannot be used again, you must continue with a new section of clean, copper wire.

The 4 types of Desoldering Braid:

1. Quick Braid Rosin: Fastest wicking action and leaves behind residue. Non-acidic meaning it won’t etch the copper and leave open circuits     on the PCB board.
2. One Step No-Clean: Flux residue on the board does not need to be cleaned. Our most popular!
3. Lead Free: Heats up quickly, it prevents heat stress to components
4. Sea Braid: Unfluxed wire meant for when an aqueous or specific flux is needed, apply flux for solder removal

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