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Wrist Strap Testers

A wrist strap tester is for checking the continuity of an operator worn ESD wrist strap (wrist band and coiled cord). It will provide a pass, fail high or fail low result depending on the resistance of the body, wrist band and cord combined, and the resistance limits the tester is set to. Desco Europe’s Wrist Strap only testers have a test limit of 750 kilohms to 35 megohms.

Why do you need to use a wrist strap tester?

Wrist straps are a critical element of any ESD Control Plan; if an operator is stationary, it is recommended they are worn as the most reliable means to ground. However, as with anything in ESD control, wrist straps don’t last forever, even the highest quality ones. There will be a time when they become out of spec and no longer ground the operator effectively. A wrist strap not working effectively can be caused by the wrist strap eventually breaking, intermittently failing, operators’ dry skin, and more. If you are not using a continuous or a constant monitor, it is recommended wrist straps should be tested at least once daily, whilst being worn by the operator that will use it.

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