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Continuous Monitors or Constant Monitoring

Continuous monitors provide operators with instant feedback on the status and functionality of their wrist strap. They detect split-second failures when the wrist strap is still in the "intermittent" stage. Continuous Monitors are designed to overcome the limitation of daily (or even more often) wrist strap testing. The limitation being that if any part of the wrist strap system were to fail for any reason the operator would not be aware of the failure until the next time they tested. This could be within 10 minutes or a whole day. 

Each of the Desco Europe Workstation Monitors can also monitor the path-to-ground of at least one work surface, alerting the operator if the surface is no longer grounded. 

We have a range of Single Wire Wave Distortion Impedance and Dual Wire monitors available, with varying additional benefits. 


Need help choosing the right Workstation monitor? 

Compare Desco Europe Workstation Continuous Monitors here.

As well as the traditional Workstation Continuous Monitors, we also have equipment capable of monitoring Equipment Ground, Static Voltages, Ioniser Performance and Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Events. 

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