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Question For floor matting that is only exposed to normal traffic, dirt and dust, what is the recommended schedule for cleaning and mopping? (This does not include the testing and cleaning using an approved cleaner.) - Anonymous, Grand Island, NY
Answer The recommended schedule for cleaning and mopping ESD floor matting is dependent on your control program. Let's assume you have a pretty tight program, with ESD floor mat specifications from 1E6 Ohms to 1E9 Ohms, and normal traffic (25 people back and forth all day). It would be recommended to dry clean (sweep) the mats every night to eliminate dirt buildup (which tends to be insulative and abrasive) and mop at least once a week (preferably twice a week). You can adjust this schedule to fit the needs of your program. It would be better to decide what are your tolerances for your program, take daily measurements, chart these and determine from this data how frequently you should clean (or bring into spec) your mats.
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