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7 How well does relative humidity of the surrounding atmospher... 82% Grounding
11 What is the minimum requirement or better yet, is there a mi... 75% Grounding
15 Why the ESD shielding bag may discharge the static? What is ... 86% Grounding
19 Some of our ESD benches have the wrist strap going directly ... 83% Grounding
25 How does the "Zerostat" gun work? - Anonymous, Austin, TX 100% Grounding
32 When out in the field working on PC's, it was brought to my ... 0% Grounding
33 We are operating out of an older building that has a 3 phase... 80% Grounding
34 For floor matting that is only exposed to normal traffic, di... 100% Grounding
49 How do I put on the disposable ESD straps? - Anonymous, San ... 100% Grounding
54 Hello, I'm doing research at school and I need an answer to ... 100% Grounding
79 Our ESD protection program for production personnel includes... 100% Grounding
81 What ESD protection method, equipment, & packaging do yo... 0% Grounding
84 We are proposing to use pagers (beepers) which my test engrs... 0% Grounding
144 For the safety of the employees, my company's ESD policy is ... 80% Grounding
161 With a concern for "slipping", is there is a commercial prod... 0% Grounding
186 In the production of pads, which are used to fine and polish... 0% Grounding
192 What are the recommended safe distances for unprotected pers... 100% Grounding
216 If a tech. in the field had nothing else with him or her, wo... 100% Grounding
243 Can a latent failure occur on a VN10KM MOSFET which was subj... 0% Grounding
246 The products my company works on are SGI computers. We occas... 0% Grounding