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Question Is it true that a smock that is not grounded is worse than no smock at all?

Yes. That is an ESD smock should be grounded. Per ESD Handbook TR 20.20 paragraph Proper Use, "after verifying that the garment has electrical conductivity through all panels, the garment should be electrically bonded to the grounding system of the wearer so as not to act as a floating [conductor]."

Per ANSI/ESD S20.20 foreword "All conductors in the environment, including personnel, must be bonded or electrically connected and attached to a known ground."

See "Problem: ESD smocks not grounded" in article published in Conformity Magazine "Use ESD Control Products Correctly or You Can Do More Harm Than Good."

"ESD Garments are available that can be grounded via a coil cord to snap at wrist or hip-to-cuff, allowing hands free operation. In addition, using a wrist band or a conductive cuff, charges can be removed to ground via ESD footwear in conjunction with ESD flooring."

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