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Question I have a question, is Kapton tape conductive? That is what we currently use to mask plated holes to prevent solder from getting in them during wave solder. –Anonymous, Prospect, CT
Answer Kapton® is in general, an insulative material. Depending on the manufacturer of the Kapton® Tape, the adhesive may be conductive and or antistatic. There are several manufacturers/slitters that make/slit Kapton® or Polyimide Tape for electronics masking/wave soldering.

I do have some data that may help you better understand the Kapton® Tapes properties.

Antistatic Property of some Kapton® Tapes:Tribocharging when removed from a surface or unwound from the core:- 3M’s Tape # 42 generates from 5 to 50 Volts- Permacel’s Tape # P-2211 generates from 50 to 140 Volts- Wescorp’s Tape #16150 series generates zero (0) VoltsSurface Resistivity Property of the Adhesive Layer on some Kapton® Tapes- 3M’s Tape # 42 measures less than 1x1011 ohms- Permacel’s Tape # P-2211 measures over 1x1011 ohms- Wescorp’s Tape #16150 series measures 1x103 - 1x104 ohms Based on these electrical/ESD properties, Wescorp’s Kapton Tape is far superior for protecting sensitive electronics in masking operations. The good thing is that ESD Systems now carries the full Wescorp line of products including their tapes.*Kapton® is a Dupont trademark

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