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Question I am planning to setup an ESD movable workbench that I can use if some of our High End computers need to replace some boards. Sometimes it requires to remove BackPlanes boards and have to lay it down that is ESD safe. Now my question is how can I make sure that my movable (I must have a movable workbench) workbench is ESD safe. What are the types of mat I need and hookups? I am planning to set up at least 8 to 12 workbench with 30" x 32" measurement rolling table. I am not sure if the rollers are in ESD specs. I will really appreciate your comment or suggestions. Thanks. - Anonymous, Roseville, CA
Answer This sounds like a field service kit type of operation. It appears that that you want a hard surface but a field service kit can still be used. If you are moving boards on the rolling workbench, then I would suggest that you put the ESD sensitive device(s) in a shielding bag(s). Another option would be to keep the bench mat grounded via a long ground cord if that is feasible. Our largest field service kit has a working area of 24"x36" and comes with all the hardware necessary to ground both the operator and the work surface to the computers. Another option would be to use our Statfree® T2 dissipative mat material in a roll at 30"x40' which could yield you over 12 surfaces with an area of 30"x32". In addition, you would want to include a common point ground on each mat that can either be attached to the movable workbench via drag chain to a conductive and grounded floor or better yet directly to the nearest power ground point. For hardware, you could use grounding cords and a snap kit connecting the mat to the movable workbench and a floor ground cord used to connect the common point ground to a nearby power ground (duplex outlet). If the floor is grounded and conductive, than an optional drag chain can be integrated into each system.
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