Desiccant Requirement Calculator

Desiccant Type:
Shelf life desired in months:
Water vapor transmission rate (WVTR) in grams/m² (grams/100 in²) in 24 hrs (enter in decimal form - i.e. 0.002):
Total exposed surface area of the Moisture Barrier Bag in square meters or square inches (corresponding to WVTR measurement used above):

Example: 16m width x 20m length = 320m²
320m² x 2 sides = 640m²

Units Required:


The amount given is an estimate only. Calculations are based on the JEDEC J-STD-033B Specifications. Actual amount of desiccant required will depend upon other factors such as the chemical characteristics of the product as well as the volume contents and physical properties of the container. We recommend a stability study be performed to determine exact amounts required. Samples available upon request.

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