60677 - Jewel MagSnap Dual-Wire Metal Wrist Band, Medium

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  • Revolutionary magnetic interconnect technology
    Creates magnetic connection between wristband and coil cord; meets wrist strap requirements of EN 61340-5-1 including safety release force of between 5 and 25 Newtons
  • Dual-wire wrist strap provides redundancy
    If one dual wire wrist strap condutor is severed, operator still has reliable path-to-ground with other wire
  • Compatible with 3M and other brand resistive Continuous Monitors
  • More reliable design
    Longer lasting, no moving parts
  • Premium metal expansion wrist strap with more reliable path-to-ground*
    Comfortable, designed not to pinch or pull hair
  • Durable metal band
    Long wearing, easy to clean
  • Superior contact with skin
    For reliable removal of generated static charges
  • Non-flaking or scratching laminated insulator on all external surfaces
    Protects wearers from electrical hazards; provides many years of product life
  • Superior resistor connection strain relief
    Superior reliability. Greatly exceeds EN 61340-5-1 specified ANSI/ESD S1.1
    Bending Life Test. Tested at over 1,000,000+ flex cycles
  • Made in the United States of America

“The primary means of grounding personnel shall normally be by a wrist strap connected to an EBP (Earth Bonding Point).” “The wrist strap shall consist of a band that fits snugly around the wrist and a cord to connect the band to an EBP. The wrist strap shall incorporate a quick release connection. The cord shall have a termination compatible with the EBP and shall incorporate at least one insulated current-limiting resistor. The total resistance from hand to EBP shall be in accordance with table 1 (Rg 7,5 x 10E5 to 3,5 x 10E7 ohms). (EN 61340-5-1 paragraphs 5.2.7 and 5.5) “The term "wrist strap" describes the combination of the wrist band, which should fit around the wrist making good skin contact, and the wrist cord which bonds the wearer to an earth bonding point. The wrist band will normally be worn for several hours at a time so it needs to be comfortable while making good contact with the skin. It is a good idea to check the wrist strap every time it is applied. Constant on-line monitors can be used so that any breaks will be immediately found. As a safety feature, the ground cord should release with a force of between 5 N and 25 N, preferably at the wrist band end.” (EN 61340-5-2 paragraph 5.2.7)

* "Note: Metal expansion bracelet style wrist cuffs may trap moisture underneath and can be more effective for people with dry skin." [ESD Handbook TR20.20 section]

For dry skin conditions, see Reztore ESD Hand Lotion


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  • 60676.E - Jewel® MagSnap Dual-Wire Metal Wrist Strap