204518-DESICCANT, 1/2 UNIT (10G), PACK OF 780

204518-DESICCANT, 1/2 UNIT (10G), PACK OF 780              

204518 - Desiccant Pak, 1/2 Unit (10G), Pack of 780

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  • Sold in packs of 780
  • For use in conjunction with moisture barrier bags whenever moisture control is a critical factor in the packaging of electronic products
  • At 50% rH and 25°C it will absorb 27% water by weight
  • Packed in woven, non-leaching HDPE sachets
  • Meets MIL-D-3464, DIN 55473A and B and Afnor 00321 requirements
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What is desiccant?

Desiccant absorbs moisture vapour (humidity) from the air from any given environment. Desco Europe’s desiccant are designed to be left inside a moisture barrier bag after it has been sealed to protect its contents from moisture corrosion. If moisture penetrates the bag, it will also be absorbed. Desiccant will remain dry to the touch even when it is fully saturated with moisture vapour. It can be regenerated and re-used by baking, see the recommended MIL-D-3464 method.


Why is desiccant required?

Certain kinds of electronic devices, such as Surface Mount Devices (SMDs), are mounted on a circuit card by high temperature soldering. The body of the SMD is made from plastic that absorbs moisture from the air. When the case is heated during soldering, the moisture inside turns to steam and may break the device as the steam escapes. Keeping SMDs dry before soldering means that the devices will not be damaged.


How is desiccant used?

It used together with a Moisture Barrier Bag (MBB), a Humidity Indicator Cards (HIC) and Moisture Sensitive Level (MSL) label to form a dry packaging system.


How is desiccant purchased?

Desiccant is available as a “unit” or fractional “unit”. A unit of desiccant absorbs a specific amount of moisture. One unit of desiccant weighs about 28 g. The recommended amount of desiccant depends on the interior surface area of the bag to be used. Use this desiccant calculator to determine the minimum amounts of desiccant to be used with Moisture Barrier Bags.