Continuously Monitor Your Entire ESD Process Control System Throughout All Stages of Manufacturing

SCS Static Management Program (SMP) continuously monitors your ESD process control system throughout all stages of manufacturing. SMP captures data from SCS workstation, equipment and ESD event continuous monitors and provides a real-time picture of critical manufacturing processes. All activity is stored into a database for on-going quality control purposes. SMP allows you to pinpoint areas of concern and prevent ESD events. Quantifiable data allows you to see trends, become more proactive and prove the efficiency of your ESD process control system.

SCS supports manufacturers in their efforts to make more dependable products, improve yields, increase automation, and provide a measurable return on investment.


SMP Video


SMP Kits

SMP Diagnostic kits offer a portable way to validate your ESD processes. The included software allows you to monitor the results remotely from any PC on the network. The included hardware allows you to validate the path-to ground integrity of:

SMP Diagnostic Kit
  • bolt Worksurfaces
  • bolt Grounds
  • bolt Operators
  • bolt Tools

Kits offer ionisation monitoring from a Bench Top or Overhead ioniser with a balance (offset voltage) of ±40 V or better!

Software identifies if they are being used and alerts you when they require maintenance.


The Pelican case with custom inserts and zippered compartments allows the system to be repackaged and relocated to the next ESD area of concern.


Static Management Program Screenshots
  • Device View
  • Homepage
  • Floor View
  • Reports

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