Products Needed for a Start-up ESD Protected Area (EPA)

Static Control Systems
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Personnel Grounding

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Single-Wire Wrist Strap

Elastic Adjustable Blue Wrist Strap with 2m Yellow Coiled Cord, 10mm Socket/4mm Plug

One size fits all adjustable fabric wrist band with coil cord is used to ground a stationary operator. The cord should be grounded via it's 4 mm banana plug for grounding it, other connections are available | More Single Wire Wrist Straps

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Foot Grounder

Wescorp Heel Ground with One Megohm Resistor

Used to ground mobile operator, or operators stood at the work bench as an addition or alternative to wrist straps. Foot Grounders must be worn in pairs, and used on a conductive/dissipative floor |  249265

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Static Control Garment - Smock

Statshield® Smock, Blue Jacket with Knitted Cuffs

Desco Europe Statshield® smocks are designed to be antistatic, low tribocharging, and create a Faraday Cage around the torso and arms of the wearer to protect ESD susceptible items from electrostatic fields generated by operator’s clothing | S to XXL Sizes

Work Surface, Flooring and Grounding

Working Surface Matting

Statfree® T2 Plus 2-Layer Dissipative Rubber Matting

The Statfree® T2 Plus Provides a worksurface that does not generate a static charge and will control the discharge rate from all conductors (including ESD susceptible items) that are placed on the surface | 66403

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Working Surface Grounding

Earth Bonding Point (EPA), UK or Euopean Plug, with Binding Post/Posts

These UK and European plugs are designed to provide a common ground point using protective earth in an ESD protected area (EPA). In this case, they can be used to ground the work surface matting, flooring and wrist straps | 231225 & 231156


Grounding Cord

Conical EBP Cord, 4.5M, 10mm Stud/Ring Terminal, 1 Meg Resistor

Two of these cords is required, the first to ground the work surface mat, the second is to ground the floor mat, both to the Earth Bonding Point Plug. This cord benefits from having a low profile and a means to pemanently fix the cord to the mat, keeping the cord from being discontected | 60474

Earth Bonding Point (EBP) Bar

Earth Bonding Point Bar, 3M Cord, 1 x 10mm Stud, 2 x 4mm Socket, Yellow

Normally placed at the front of the work bench, on the under-side, to the left of right, to give the operator easy access for grounding their wrist strap. Additiional plug and stud included for grounding supervisors, test equipment or perhaps more than one operator at the work bench. Other connections available | 231296

ESD Safe Surface and Mat cleaner

Reztore® ESD Surface & Mat Cleaner, 950 mL Spray

As dirt and dust can can insulate a surface it is important to keep work surfaces, flooring and other surfaces clean within the EPA. Standard cleaners can include silicon which is also insulative, and solvents that will degrade surfaces over time, so an ESD safe alternative is required such as Reztore® | 10446

Conductive or Dissipative Flooring

Statfree® i Conductive Interlocking Rubber, 12.7MM x 0.6M x 0.9M, Black

Used to ground operators when stood or mobile with the use of foot grounders. There are many flooring options available but this matting provides an anti-fatigue ergonomic support structure, excellent for opperators that are stood for long periods of time. Can be used stand alone or interlock to provide a large flooring system | 80650



Identifying the EPA with Signs

EPA Warning Sign, Antistatic, Self-Adhesive, 300mm x 150mm

An ESD Protected Area (EPA) can be anywhere from a single work bench, to a small room, to a whole factory floor, so it is importanted the EPA and it's boundaries are clearly identified as such. These signs are designed to attract attention and deliver a clear message to personnel and visitors | 229100

Identifying the EPA with Floor Marketing Tape

Floor Marking Tape, 50 mm x 66 m

This self adhesive tape is suitable for defining the boundaries of ESD Protected Areas (EPAs). It adheres very well to synthetic floor tiles and also concrete floors. The tape is highly visible and raises awareness of an ESD area | 210310

Test Equipment

Resistance Testing

Digital Surface Resistance Meter Kit

Compliance verification is a requirement of the IEC 61340-5-1:2016 standard, and all but Ionisers have a resistance limit, as such a surface resistance meter is a vital piece of equipment in becoming and maintaining compliance to IEC 61340-5-1:2016 | 19290


Wrist strap and Footwear Tester

Wrist Strap and Foot Grounder Combo Tester with Stand

Personnel Grounding is a vital part of any ESD Control Programme, as such so is the testing of them. Wrist straps and/or ESD footwear can fail at any point, leaving your operators ungrounded and when people are one of the biggest generators of static charge, you don't want them to be ungrounded. The industry typically recommends the testing of personnel grounding devices at least once daily | 99038

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