Controlling Process Necessary Insulators and Isolated Conductors in the EPA

Controlling Process Necessary Insulators and Isolated Conductors in the EPA
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Desco Europe's Ionisers neutralise electrostatic charges on insulators and isolated (non-grounded) conductors to reduce the magnitude of electrostatic discharges (ESD) in the ESD Protected area (EPA). Point-of-use compressed gas ionisers, also known as ioniser guns, combat electrostatic attraction (ESA) by neutralising charges on surfaces and particles that otherwise cause contamination or visual defects on a product. 

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Bench Top Ioniser

Bench Top Zero Volt Ioniser

The EMIT Benchtop Zero Volt Ioniser is a compact and lightweight steady state DC auto-balancing Benchtop ioniser with integrated closed-loop feedback. The unit is normally placed at one end of the workbench or area to be neutralised. It may also be mounted to a wall or shelf. 

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Mini Zero Volt Ioniser 2

Bench Top Mini Zero Volt Ioniser

The EMIT 50642 Mini Zero Volt Ioniser (ZVI) 2 is a compact bench top ioniser used for neutralising electrostatic charges on insulators and ungrounded conductors in a 15cm x 60cm coverage area. Its compact size (135cm high x 9cm wide x 4.5cm deep with stand) allows it to be used in confined spaces such as environmental chambers and

automated equipment.

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Overhead Zero Volt Ioniser

Overhead 3-Fan Zero Volt Ioniser

The EMIT Overhead Zero Volt Ioniser (ZVI) is a steady-state DC auto-balancing ioniser with integrated closed-loop feedback. It combines the effectiveness of steady-state DC ionisation with ease of adjustability, communication capability and the flexibility of a microcontroller-based design to produce a versatile and stable ionisation system.

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Compressed Air

Viper Ion Gun

The Desco 19595 Viper Ion Gun is a point-of-use ioniser used for neutralising electrostatic charges to eliminate attraction, visual imperfections, and contamination issues by dislodging charged dust and debris. It uses compressed clean dry air (CDA). Fast discharge times with ±15 volt offset voltage meet the required limits of EN 61340-5-1 tested per IEC 61340-4-7. 


New Ionisation Test Kit

Digital Static Field Meter Ionisation Kit

The Desco 19442 Digital Static Field Meter indicates surface voltage and polarity on objects. The meter has a measurement range of 0 to ±19.99 kV at a distance of 1 inch and a measurement accuracy of ±5%. It utilises a chopper-stabilised sensor for use in both normal and ionised environments. The meter's enclosure is dissipative and features a 7 mm snap and ground cord for bonding to equipment ground.

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EM Aware

EM Aware Monitor With Ethernet Output

The SCS 770066 EM Aware Monitor monitors three key parameters that keep you aware of critical symptoms of ESD problems: ESD events, change in static voltage field, and ioniser performance. The thresholds for these parameters are fully adjustable. The monitor is constructed of an aluminium enclosure, LCD display, control joystick, remote antenna, relay terminal and Ethernet connectivity.

Ioniser Maintenance

Emitter Point Tip Cleaner

Emitter Point Tip Cleaner

Keep the emitter points cleaned and maintained using the 60506 Emitter Point Cleaners. Per IEC TR 61340-5-2:2018, "All ionization devices will require periodic maintenance for proper operation. Maintenance intervals for ionizers vary widely depending on the type of ionization equipment and use environment... Routine service is typically required to meet quality compliance verification requirements."

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