Providing Redundancy with Dual-Wire Wrist Strap Monitoring

Providing Redundancy with Dual-Wire Wrist Strap Monitoring
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Dual-Wire Wrist Strap

Dual-wire wrist straps have two conductors, compared to single-wire wrist straps, which have only one conductor inside the insulation of the coil cord. They offer a reduced risk of damaging ESD sensitive devices because even if one conductor is severed, the operator still has a reliable path-to-ground with the other conductor. They are ideal for critical applications as they build in redundancy.

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MagSnap 360 Dual-Wire Wrist Strap

The MagSnap 360™ is our best Dual-Wire Wrist Strap with its medical-grade series stainless steel backplate and links, and its magnetic connection between wristband and coiled cord.

Eliminating intermittent failures, extending lifespan and maintaining a 4.4 - 22.2 N perpendicular breakaway force. The 360° rotation between the wristband and coiled cord promotes comfort, freedom of motion and reduced strain on the operator’s wrist.

Dual-Wire Continuous Monitor

724 Plus Workstation Monitor

The SCS 724 Plus Workstation Monitor continuously monitors the path-to-ground integrity and body voltage of two operators, as well as the path-to-ground integrity for one conductive or dissipative work surface. The monitor eliminates the need for periodic testing and record keeping of wrist straps. 

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Operator Remote for 724 Plus Monitor

When paired with the 724 Plus Workstation Monitor, the SCS 770733 Workstation 2 Operator Remote may be used to monitor a second operator at a nearby independent workstation. It allows the second operator to connect to their own operator remote rather than share the Dual Operator Remote included with the 724 Plus

Workstation Monitor.

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Working Surface Matting

For use with the 724 Plus Workstation Monitor, the worksurface must have a conductive layer such as Dual Layer Rubber or Dissipative 3-Layer Vinyl with conductive buried layers. Our workstation monitors are not recommended for use with homogeneous matting.

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Rubber Worksurface Matting

Statfree T2™ Plus 2-Layer Rubber

This is our best and most popular material as it is highly durable with its heat, chemical, abrasion and UV resistance. It is one of the best options for when chemical and hot solder are used. The top layer is dissipative and has a resistance of 1 x 106 to < 1 x 109 , the second and bottom layer is conductive with a resistance of < 1 x 106 .

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Vinyl Worksurface Matting

Statfree Z2™ 3-Layer Vinyl

The conductive inner layer on the Statfree Z2™ provides a fast, reliable path to ground while reducing alternative, unintended paths to ground. It can be used when chemical or heat resistance isn't a requirement. This matting works particularly well with continuous monitors. Its outer layers are dissipative with a resistance of 1 x 106 to < 1 x 108 .


Working Surface Grounding

Earth Bonding Point (EBP), UK or European Plug, with Binding Post/Posts

These UK and European plugs are designed to provide a common ground point using protective earth in an ESD protected area (EPA). In this case, they can be used to ground the work surface matting.

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Grounding Cord

Conical EBP Cord, 4.5 m, 10 mm Stud/Ring Terminal, 1 Meg Resistor

Used to ground the work surface mat via the EBP Plug. This cord benefits from having a low profile and a means to bolt the cord to the mat, keeping the cord from being disconnected.

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Working Surface Hardware

10 mm Socket with Prongs Cleaner

Required if 3-layer matting is selected as it ensures there is contact with the buried conductive layer in the mat.

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Test Equipment

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Resistance Testing

Digital Surface Resistance Meter Kit

Measures resistance point-to-point (Rp-p) and resistance-to-ground (Rg) of work surfaces, flooring systems, garments, packaging, and more. The resistance to groundable point is monitored by the 724 plus but a periodic surface to ground test is still required.

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Continuous Monitor Verification Tester

Digital Verification Tester for 724 Plus Monitor

Used to perform periodic testing (once every 6-12 months) of the 724 Plus Workstation Monitor. The Verification Tester can be used on the shop floor within a few minutes, virtually eliminating downtime, verifying that the monitor is operating within tolerances.

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