SLP Network Topology

The SmartLog Pro® SE verifies the functionality of personnel grounding equipment, logs the results, and controls access to the ESD Protected Area. All test activity is logged into a database to meet the ANSI/ESD S20.20 and IEC 61340-5-1 requirement for “Compliance verification records shall be established and maintained” and for on-going quality control purposes.



4 Ways to Identify Yourself

Proximity Reader

Barcode Scanner

Numeric Keypad

Face Recognition

Touch Screen User Interface

Touch Screen Terminal
Time and Date
Temperature and Humidity Values (°C or °F)
Network Status Icon
Dedicated Test Icons (Wrist / Foot / Smock)
Measured Resistance of Each Test (kΩ / MΩ / GΩ)
Adjustable Test Limits
Colour Coded Test Results (Green = Pass / Red = Fail) Unique audible tones for Pass and Fail

Hardware Features

Hardware Features
Dual Foot Plate for Independent Footwear Testing
Embedded CCD Barcode Scanner
Digital Numeric Keypad
Internal Data Storage
5-inch Colour Touch Screen Display
HID OMNIKEY Promximity Reader
Single-wire and Dual-wire Testing
Solid State Touch Switch

Access Control

SmartLog Pro® SE with Turnstile
Controls access to the ESD Protected Area to operators that have passed their pre-defined ESD tests and have been granted access to the area.

Access Features:

  • Control access to the ESD Protected Area
  • Records operator access and ESD test results
  • Restrict access by department, shift, or specific notation

Key Turnstile Features:

  • Motorised arm rotation
  • Field configurable for single direction or bi-directional operation
  • Configurable with pre-existing fire and safety systems

Relay Terminal

The SmartLog Pro® SE features a relay terminal that can be integrated with electronic door locks, lights, buzzers, etc. to control access to an area.
The Wiegand interface allows the operator to capture “in” result at their access control systems as well as a pass/fail result at the SmartLog Pro® SE with just one badge scan.
The SmartLog Pro® SE can be pair with a Wiegand interface so that operator can scan their proximity badge at their existing proximity reader, and:
  1. If its a valid badge, the SmartLog Pro® SE prompts to perform an ESD test.
  2. If its an invalid badge, the SmartLog Pro® SE remains idle.
Turnstile Map


SmartLog Pro® Manager Web App

Manager Web App

SmartLog Pro® Manager automates the collection of ESD personnel grounding tests and maintains records for a Compliance Verification Plan as required by IEC 61340-5-1 and ANSI/ESD S20.20.

The app is installed onto one server and accessed via a web browser.

It includes functions for tracking employee leave time, shift and department assignments, and ESD training accreditation.

SmartLog Pro® Manager generates automated reports that may be e-mailed to track short term and long term corrective actions.

Test limits and test parameters (wrist strap only, footwear only, wrist strap and footwear, etc.) may be customised with the web app to meet special requirements.

SmartLog Pro® Manager may be configured to run in English, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), or Turkish.


Limit Comparator

Limit Comparator
Use to perform periodic calibration of SmartLog Pro® SE.


Ready-to-use stand for SmartLog Pro® SE

Contactless Test Fixture

Limit Optional Contactless Test Fixture
Allows operators to initiate tests without touching any parts of the SmartLog Pro® SE.

2.3 kg Electrode

Pair with the 50424 Limit Comparator to verify the calibration of the footwear circuit.

ESD Glove Test Fixture

ESD Glove Fixture
Use with the SmartLog Pro® SE to test operators that wear ESD gloves or finger cots. Creates a larger test surface area allowing the path-to-ground of the operator wearing gloves or finger cots to be measured.


EMIT - 50748 Face Recognition Terminal

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