SCS Workstation Monitor Comparison Guide

Item 724 CTC331 770724 770061
Description Workstation
Iron Man® Plus Monitor 724 Plus Monitor WS Aware
Technology Pulse Digital Signal Processing Digital Signal Processing Digital Signal Processing
Wrist Strap Type Dual-Wire Dual-Wire Dual-Wire Dual-Wire
Operator(s) 2 1 2 2
Worksurface(s) 1 1 1 2
Cost Per Operator {{_724.costPerOperator|currency:"£":0}} {{_CTC331.costPerOperator|currency:"£":0}} {{_770724.costPerOperator|currency:"£":0}} {{_770061.costPerOperator|currency:"£":0}}
Cost Per Workstation {{_724.costPerWorkstation|currency:"£":0}} {{_CTC331.costPerWorkstation|currency:"£":0}} {{_770724.costPerWorkstation|currency:"£":0}} {{_770061.costPerWorkstation|currency:"£":0}}
Metal Ground(s) 0 0 0 2
Body Voltage Detection No Yes Yes Yes
EOS Detection No Yes No No
Contact EMI Voltage Detection No No No Yes
Relay Terminal No No No Yes
Software Compatibility No No No Yes
Operator Test Voltage
(open circuit with respect to ground)
9 V & 16 V 0.40V 0.40V 0.05V

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