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Question Our building consists of several hundred cubes with computers in each and several printers throughout. our atmosphere is an ordinary office type setting for processing paperwork and taking customer calls. One of our employees frequently shuts down her computer and others around her area through static conductivity. She uses a static spray called Statfreespray by perfect data. The spray helps, but doesn't eliminate the problem. Please send a catalog that would give us office aids to control her static. She has always given off a lot of static and is unable to control it. Any suggestions would be great!!! Thanks for your help. - Anonymous, Dubuque, IA
Answer There are a few things to try:
(1) Spray surrounding carpets, upholstery on chairs, etc. with our fabric spray. 
(2) Have that employee stop dressing in synthetic materials and try to wear cotton based clothing as clothing in general will rub and tribocharge the body’s skin, some at higher rates.
(3) Have that employee try wearing different types of shoes as different soul materials will charge at different rates (ESD shoes recommended).
(4) Cover all metal conductors with a static dissipative material.
(5) Have that person wear our static dissipative gloves to minimize ESD events when they touch conductive items. The above suggestions should help cut down on their self generated ESD events.
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