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Question We fit a low power dual op-amp (LM158AH/883) to a PCB, the data sheet for this product stated that it has a max. ESD tolerance of 250v and states that it is based on a human body model, 1.5k ohms in series with 100 pf. What does this mean? -Anonymous, Farnborough, UK
Answer There are three models that simulate an ESD event and the human body model (HBM) is the most common. The HBM approximates a person who charges up and then touches a sensitive device like your LM158AH/883 and characterizes the wave form and energy the device may see based on the model. What the data sheet is saying is you should not expose the device to voltages over 250V, which is a CLASS 1A, ESDS COMPONENT CLASSIFICATION. If a charge transfer with a potential over 250 volts occurred through an ESD event, then your device is put at risk. There is a chance that it may have been damaged. What you’ll need to do is design and deploy an ESD Control program that matches the ESD susceptibility (ESDS COMPONENT CLASSIFICATION) of your devices.
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