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Question Q1: Do you have ground snaps on smocks?
Q2: 10mm snaps on the Speidel straps?
Q3: Can they be made into watch bands?
- Anonymous
Answer A1: Yes, we manufacture our smocks with ground snaps. Our smock incorporates our patented “hip to cuff” grounding feature which allows for hands free grounding with no tugging at the operator’s wrist. This feature allows connection of a ground cord to a 4 mm snap stud on the hip. A seam of carbon-suffused threads provides a secure and direct electrical connection from the snap stud on the hip to a 4 mm snap socket on the cuff of the smocks with snaps. The cuff snap socket will mate with standard wristbands with 4 mm snap studs, providing a highly reliable connection to the user's body. The smock will quickly and effectively ground the person when used in this manner. The smocks with conductive cuffs require no additional wrist band. 
A2: Our Speidel Wrist bands come standard with 4 mm and 7 mm snap studs. A 10 mm stud would be a non-standard custom product.
A3: Our current products are not adaptable as watch bands. ESD wrist strap watches had been available earlier, but there wasn’t a big enough demand for them so are no longer produced by most wrist strap manufactures.
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