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Question Referring To Tech Brief PS-2026, e.g. grounding... product information notes grounding may not be required for applications > 50 sq. ft. is there an industry excepted standard used tosupport this claim? How or does this effect the common point ground system used between grounded table tops, operators, and the floor grounding scheme? Thanks - Anonymous, Hazelwood, MS
Answer A conductive floor (Statproof® Floor Finish) that has an area greater than 50 square feet will meet the charge decay test specifically from Federal Test Method Standard 101C, Method 4046. This also meets ESD STM97.2 and ANSI/ESD-S20.20 for floors to charge to less than 100 Volts when in combination with proper ESD footwear.  Grounding (Typically not Required) Conventional grounding practices, such as electrically connecting Statproof ® Floor Finish to earth or building ground is required for applications of floor finish that are less than 50 square feet. For applications that are greater than 50 square feet, grounding is not required. The capacitance of large installations of Statproof ® Floor Finish is vastly greater than the capacitance of the human body. This enormous difference in capacitance allows the treated floor to act as a theoretical charge reservoir or natural ground.The capacitance and surface resistance of Statproof ® treated floors will decay a 5000 volt charge to 0 in less than 0.1 seconds when tested to Federal Test Method Standard 101C, Method 4046. Statproof ® Dissipative Floor Finish exceeds industry accepted static decay requirements. This is only true for floor finished areas of 50 square feet or greater. I hope this answers your question.
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