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Question Thousands of plastics (made of SiO2, 6*4*0.2mm) turned at a high speed in a metal box, so they were together because of the static. We couldn’t clean up the static by using the ionizing blower because the wind was too strong. Could you tell me how to clean up the static without changing the humidity in the room? - Anonymous, Asang, China
Answer SiO2 can be a good insulator. Insulators cannot be grounded. The ionizing blower you used I will assume had run on compressed air, probably dry nitrogen. Our ionizer blower can be operated over a range of 5 PSI to 100 PSI. The specific pressure needed will depend upon the application. You can try a lower pressure setting, controllable either from the source or the back of the Ion Viper Controlling unit. Another solution would be to use an Overhead or Eliminator Jr. Ionizer, which uses a controllable air fan to move the neutral air ions to the charged materials to be neutralized.
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