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Question 1. About this No Head Gear matter, I still think that, the Human Body Model or even the Field Induced model should be the reference. As the device will be know way to have in-contact with device but near to it - hairot skaf will do. I am still figuring out how to ensure the 12 inch distance requirements the person's height may vary to the process being performed - for the hair. For Skaff, I more or less have the answer.. if every body agrees to wear the COTTON Material!
2. Anyway, how the practices in USA for area that you may observe as I listed below. Do they wear Head Gear or even Smock ? (i) Probe Area... (ii) Manufacturing ... IC assembly or even the PCB assembly.
- Anonymous
Answer The ESD Association’s ( standard for Garments which include Smocks ESD STM2.1-1997, section 5.1.1 just discusses the Testing Method of the smocks. The use of garments is dependent on the ESD Control Program in place and the Devices Susceptibility Classification to ESD. Some well developed programs at large electronic companies do use smocks in both areas mentioned below.
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