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Question We are proposing to use pagers (beepers) which my test engrs/techs so that I could easily get hold of them anywhere in the company most especially inside the cleanroom. However I need to prove or show that they are ESD safe or will not cause ESD which could damage the MR Heads we are processing inside the cleanroom. Are they? How about two way radios? Are they ESD safe as well? Thanks for your immediate response! - Joel S. Amores, Laguna, CA
Answer In regards to EMI/ESD susceptibility, pagers should be safer than two-way radios when receiving/transmitting EM signals. As far as "ESD Safe" is concerned, you will need to evaluate the casing of the devices. Whichever units tribocharges less would be safer compared to those which hold or have a higher voltage upon performing a tribocharging test. I would make sure that your personnel are grounded and not actively handling ESD sensitive devices when handling the pagers.
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