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Question Why does our Semtronics automated ESD log in system accept footwear test if only one foot is tested? How necessary is it to test both feet. - Anonymous, Enfield, CT
Answer We highly recommend wearing 2 Foot Grounders, one on each foot, to increase the integrity of the body-to-ground connection. Wearing a Foot Grounder on each foot ensures contact with ground via the ESD Protective Floor even when 1 foot is lifted off the floor. This will more reliably remove electrostatic charges generated by human movement, and more reliably protect ESD susceptible devices. Periodic testing of ESD protective products is essential to have convenience that they are functioning as designed and that the investment in them is likely to produce returns. Although it would be quicker and easier to “test” both Foot Grounders in one operation, this would be misleading as it does not simulate how the product is used. The right Foot Grounder completes the path to ground only when in contact with ESD protective flooring while the left Foot Grounder completes the path to ground only when touching the floor. To simulate as the product functions, our Testers are designed to test each Foot Grounder and circuit separately by lifting off the Foot Plate the Foot Grounder not being tested.
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