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Question We currently are not using a 1 megohm grounding unit (wristcords plug into), but are using a wrist strap with 1 megohm. Should we still have our grounding unit a 1 megohm. We are grounded to a utility outlet? - Anonymous
Answer Having an additional 1 megohm resistance to ground at your common point ground is not necessary. In fact, the ESD Association recommends via ESD S6.1 for grounding to hard ground (RTG < 1 ohm). Only in instances where your company safety policy recommends using a soft ground (~ 1 megohm resistor in series to ground at the common point ground) would you need to consider using that type of ground connection. Wrist straps and foot grounders always have a 1 megohm resistor built into the device to meet UL safety requirements.
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