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Question We are required to place connector caps on all externally exposed connectors and I have always been told that only pink, black and gray provided ESD protection. Have the rules changed? Or are only the three colors I’ve mentioned ESD safe? - Anonymous, Glendale, AZ
Answer As far as I know, there is no standardization on color coding of ESD products such as caps, trays, bins, etc.

There had been attempts (black = carbon filled conductive materials, pink = antistatic materials (usually topically treated and therefore not permanent), etc.

Best way to qualify the plugs as ESD protecting is to get the manufacturer’s tech info or do internal testing.

They could use our grid tape in lieu of caps.
“...Weapon Ready Assemblies (WRAs) shall have ESD conductive plug caps or grid tape over all external cannon plugs and connector pins. If necessary, cushion with clear poly bubble wrap...”
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