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Question We use your conductive grid tape to cover the openings on Black Boxes used on aircraft and have a concern with the adhesive getting on the input/output pins of these boxes. Do you think this is a valid concern? - Anonymous, Redmond, WA
Answer ESD’s Wescorp Brand ESD Tape line, if stored under ideal conditions (see Note below) should retain its technical properties. Our tapes, if used and stored correctly, are non-staining, i.e., they do not leave behind adhesive residue.

The shelf life of our tape is one year from the date of manufacture (which is displayed on the master pack label) if stored under ideal conditions as noted below. High temperatures and or exposure to ultra violet radiation (sun light) for prolonged periods can accelerate the life span of our tape and the tape should be evaluated by the user to determine acceptability for the user’s application.

One of the primary applications for our Wescorp Brand antistatic conductive grid tape is to cover over external plugs holes or connector pins on electronic chassis (black boxes, etc.) during transportation or storage:

Excerpt from the Naval Aviation Schools Command:
[] “... Weapon Replaceable Assemblies (WRA)s shall have ESD conductive plug caps or grid tape over all external cannon plugs and connector pins. If necessary, cushion with clear poly bubble wrap...”

For best results, tape inventory should be continually replenished. It is recommended that rolls of tape be stored flat and rotated (flipped over to the other side) periodically. Tapes should be stored in a dry, well ventilated room with a reasonably consistent temperature of 68ºF (20ºC) and be protected from exposure to direct sunlight. Tape should not be stored in ultraviolet sunlight, moisture, or heat. Tape over one year old should be evaluated by the user to determine acceptability for the user’s application. Master packs are date coded.
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