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Question Do tote boxes need to have lids on while boards are in them? How do these tote boxes work? - Doug, Australia
Answer In general, yes. Lids properly fitted on conductive/dissipative tote boxes provide adequate shielding to the boards inside. These (ESD) tote boxes provide both mechanical integrity, under normal usage, and ESD safety to the contents. If the lid was left off, any stray electric field encountered could induce a charge onto any of the numerous isolated conductors found the circuit board(s). These induced charges are sources for ESD events. The potential sources of the stray electric fields are numerous: people, clothing, ungrounded carts, CRTs, furniture, room dividers, any ungrounded conductor, any insulator, EMI, etc. A board in an open ESD tote traveling on a grounded cart can pass by [be exposed to] several charged sources (electric fields) and endanger the contents.
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