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Question I am searching for an organization or company to provide me with ESD certification in order to fulfill a role as esd coordinator within the Nortel division I am presently assigned to. Perhaps you could provide me some information on this subject. -Anonymous
Answer and are the 2 prevalent links. The NE Chapter ( is offering certification classes and an exam early this June, but exams are offered throughout the year, check with either the ESD Association or Narte.

FROM NARTE WEB SITE: ESD certification is appropriate for engineers and technicians whose training and experience have primarily focused on problems, engineering design and corrective measures associated with minimizing or eliminating electrostatic discharge. 1. ESD Technician or Engineer? 2. ESD Engineer 3. ESD Technician 4. Preparing for the ESD Exam 5. Application Forms To download or receive by mail.6. ESD FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

“In reviewing resumes, I find the NARTE certification is a very positive indicator of the candidate’s skill level.”[NL]- EMC Tempest Nuclear ESD Engineer or Technician? In a nutshell:Engineers know the math and the physics of ESD Control.Technicians know the instruments and test setups.Engineers need good writing and verbal skills.Technicians need to know the pitfalls of real measurements. All applicants have to be competent in the fundamentals, i.e., coupling, filters, shielding, etc. as well as the specifications which apply to their particular specialty

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