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Question If components on a missile are grounded to the case but NOT covered (ie. the top of the components are exposed.) is there any potential for damage?

There are covering the top of the missile with a piece of shielding material or pink poly is this providing any potential for damage?

There is another area where the components on the missile are not yet secured to the case so it is not grounded yet. In order to protect this unit would it need to be in a sealed shielding bag or tote with lid? -Anonymous

Answer There is still a concern. If the missile is isolated (not connected to working ground) then these exposed components can be charged by an induced electric field or touched by someone(something) who(that) is grounded or charged and cause an ESD event. Covering (completely enclosing) the ESD sensitive components or shielding them will yield the ultimate protection.

Using pink poly is not really recommended anymore, as these materials may do more harm than good, depending on age and usage. ESD bags should be used for storage, transport or WIP of ESD sensitive parts when not being handled in a ESD safe work area following ESD safe handling protocol. A good dissipative or high-quality shielding bag would be recommended, depending on the ESD program plan, product needing protection and application.

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