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Question Each time I exit my work assigned 1996 Taurus GL, I get shocked (static electricity). We have an entire fleet of vehicles that have this problem. Ford does not believe there is design flaw, I disagree. However, we own the cars and must fix this problem. Any suggestions? -Ana Haget, Hialeah Fire Dept., Louisiana
Answer What you are experiencing is a naturally occurring phenomena called triboelectric generation. Static build up from tribocharging (slang) is due to the contact and separation of the person to the car seat.

Two physical (electrical) properties can aid in reducing charge build-up: 1) electrical conductivity (if a material can conduct electrons, then if grounded can remove charge) 2) antistatic [now referred to as low tribocharging] (if a material is low tribocharging, then it will not generate charge above 250 volts. You will only feel and ESD event when discharging over 3,000 volts.

You can add both properties to your seats surface if they are fabric-based by applying our Statproof® Carpet Spray, which is designed for all fabrics, including office chairs and carpets.

If the auto upholstery is vinyl, then our Statproof® Topical Reztore® Spray may help out, also giving the material both electrical properties listed above.

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