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Question What special precautions or cleaning should be taken with ESD safe shoes? -Michael Iriarte, M.S. Carriers, Atlants, Georgia
Answer ESD Safe shoes should comply to the ESD S9.1, ESD Association’s standard on Footwear – Resistive Characterization, especially after cleaning. Make sure that the cleaning agents used are not composed of any insulative materials such as lanolin, soaps, lanolin, free-salts, silicone and mineral oil. Dry friction cleaning (electric or manual) the bottom sole of the shoe helps reduce the build-up of dirt and other contaminants on this critical contact surface. Note: The recommended electrical resistance range for static control footwear is 1x106 ohms to 1x109 ohms. Values less than 1x106 ohms may present an electrical hazard. Values grater than 1x109 ohms may exhibit increased dissipation times. Note: It is recognized that some hygroscopic materials (such as, but not limited to, leather) may have results that fluctuate and do not remain within a specified minimum or maximum resistance range as the environmental conditions change.
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