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Question Is the #16022 Topical grade, USDA approved. We need a spray that we can spray on plastic material as it is going through our machines, as we cut them, they don’t seem to stay stacked without some kind of anti-static spray is a shrinkable type bag (such as for turkey’s, cheeses, etc) and it goes to our customers who put FOOD in these bags, we don’t want to be putting a chemical on our products that may hurt the end user. –Anonymous
Answer The ESD Reztore™ Topical Antistat has the important ESD control electrical properties of being antistatic or low tribocharging, and dissipative. However Reztore™ is not food grade, nor USDA approved.Electrostatic charge generation or tribocharging is much greater as the humidity is dryer. Controlling relative humidity to 40% to 60% relative humidity is likely to ameliorate your problem.For your situation, you might consider ionization. Electrostatic charges will neutralize over time. Using an Ionizer to blow ionized air on the areas of film contact and separation will greatly speed up this neutralization and eliminate electrostatic charges.
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