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Question One of my customer has this myth in his mind: "When I wear wrist strap on my left hand, I will not use my right hand to pick up sensitive goods, having the fear of destroying the component. " Knowing well that the above is not correct, I am yet to find a very convincing way to explain to him. Pls advise how do I put accross the explanation. -Anonymous, Ampang, Malaysia
Answer A recent newsletter from our sister brand had the following quiz:

Giving a picture of an octopus on a production line using over 8 tentacles to handle product, the question was posed:

Multiple choice:- The octopus should have straps on all its tentacles- Only one strap is needed- Only wear straps on tentacles that handle product

The Answer:Only ONE wrist strap is needed since electrostatics is a surface phenomenon with the skin being a huge conductor and the path of least resistance in the electrical circuit. Any tentacle that held an electrostatic charge would have the electricity drain over the body’s surface as the path to ground.

The same way our conductive mats work. As long as you have a ground cord attached to the mat, the whole conductive surface will be at the same potential as the ground cord connection’s potential.

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