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Question We are trying to develop a system to improve the reliability of applying paper overlay onto softwood plywood - for an overlay plywood manufacturer. The paper overlay has a heat activated adhesive back. Presently, the overlay is simply laid on top of the plywood sheet, by hand - just before it enters the hot press. The hot press applies pressure and heat, as required to cure the glue in the plywood and adhere the paper overlay to the panel. The challenge lies in stopping the paper from shifting on the plywood while it is being loaded into the hot press. If the paper shifts on the panel before it is pressed, the panel is wasted. We are considering using electrostatics to produce an attraction between the paper overlay and the plywood panel. This attraction would tend to hold the paper overlay in position during the press loading, and resist shifting between the two surfaces. 1/ Can you provide a system to solve our problem. If not, can you direct us to a supplier who can ? 2/ Have you come across any similar applications ? Do you have any other suggestions to accomplish our task? -Jon Harbrink, Kinetic Industrial Design Ltd, Canada
Answer Unfortunately, this is not our field of expertise. We are involved in controlling ESD for the semiconductor and electronics industries rather than use static fields for industrial applications. I have heard of what you’re trying to do. Two other phenomena’s are atomic adhesion (making the surface as flat as you can, the atomic forces will hold the two layers together) and using a vacuum chuck to hold them together. I have no other suggestions except possible check with The Electrostatics Society of America (ESA). Web site:
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