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Question What are the proper techniques on how we can prevent ESD in a cleanroom area.-Please list some instrument that we can use in minimizing ESD (For example: Air Ionizer) in a cleanroom area or some projects which is very much useful in preventing electrostatic discharge. - Remzy Jereza, Philippines
Answer The ESD Association is working on a standard for cleanrooms and ESD which may be in the draft stage later this year. You can visit the ESD Associations web site at: You will want to follow the same precautions for ESD control in the cleanroom as you would outside of a cleanroom. Your only additional constraints are the materials to use that will not add to the contamination of the cleanroom environment. The choice of these materials will fall onto the user for suitability to their requirements. Ionizers can be helpful in a cleanroom since there tends to be a lot of charge generators (Plexiglas covers, Teflon boats, etc.) within. Our critical environment ionizer line may be your best choice for this need, Items: 43461 - 43468 CE Ionizer line .
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