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Question A User has our two layer rubber matting (type T2). They have 40 workstations which they have installed the universal snap kit. When installing the kit they used a hole punch when creating the hole. The user has tested the connection and the mats are not passing. Question: If the hole is oversized, will this cause a problem, or is there enough contact made with the bottom washer and the bottom part of the snap? What are your suggestions for a solution? The distributor is mentioning a multi-tester from radio shack, although I do not think this would be of any help. - Anonymous, Chino, CA
Answer 1st, the radio shack multi-meter may only use a 1.5 volt battery. Not enough emf (electromotive force) to drive a good reading in a 1x107 ohm mat (not to mention the surface area of the probes used may not be adequate either). He should be testing them with a megohmeter at 100 volts, like the ESD S4.1 Standard (for Worksurfaces - Resistance Measurements) states. 2nd, the hole should be just smaller than the diameter of the screw. I typically do not drill a hole, but puncture a hole, allowing maximum contact between the black layer and the screw. If the hole is larger than the screw, then use a larger washer and tighten the screw. Another possibility, is with the conductive back of T2 mat, it will still make contact for the ground even though the hole is oversized, then the problem would be the meter.
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