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Question Are conductive plastics used in the housings of computer monitors on the manufacturing floor or the equipment used in the processing and manufacturing of semiconductors? - Anonymous, Newburyport, MA
Answer I have not seen a monitor with a conductive housing. The old CRT monitors use high-voltage and the fly-back return (along with other high-voltage connections within) needs to be isolated from the chassis/housing. This is usually accomplished with an insulative housing among other designs (spacing, insulation, isolation, etc.) The build-up of static electricity on the outside of the monitor can reach significant levels if not controlled and cause "static" problems to other equipment, personnel and ESD Sensitive devices. One way to control this is by applying a dissipative/antistatic topical treatment to the outside surface of the monitor and supply a ground path for this conductive layer (such as a conductive tape to a nearby grounded chassis). NOTE: this should not be done with equipment powered on. Always check with your safety officer and an electrician before performing any modifications to any high-voltage device
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