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Question We are trying to incorporate inexpensive ESD flooring to improve our grounding at work areas that are difficult to use wrist straps. Is there a coating that can be used over an existing epoxy painted concrete floor? Mats are difficult to move carts on and keep clean and are fairly expensive. We also move areas around and would end up having mats that are the wrong size, etc. - Anonymous, Saline, MI
Answer Yes, there is a very good solution for economically covering your concrete floors  Conductive Paint is a gray one part floor coating formulated to produce controlled dissipation of static electrical charges. Conductive Paint is very effective as a static control floor coating for electronics manufacturing, assembly, and storage. One gallon covers over 225 square feet at 1 - 1.5 mil thick coating. Two coats are recommended and at least 60 square feet for adequate electrical grounding coverage. Check the tech brief for more detailed information for application and maintenance.
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