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Question Our company wants to know how the smocks and ESD bags will help us improve the quality of our products and eventually make profit after spending money in buying these smocks and ESD bags. If you can give us a cost analysis why every company should use one, we'll be so thankful for your assistance in helping us decide. Please send me an e-mail for your answers to my inquiries. - Anonymous, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Answer If your product quality yield and customer base is acceptable, then there is no need to consider using ESD shielding bags or dissipative smocks. The benefits that they would provide your operation is dependent upon the particulars of your product and manufacturing process. We manufacture and market the most complete line of ESD control solutions in the industry including shielding bags and dissipative smocks. We also provide a broad range of services including on-site application analysis, training, engineering & technical support via factory trained personnel to support your efforts in establishing & maintaining the optimum ESD Control System. How can you determine what value this provides? What do you get from buying ESD control products? When you buy many products, you have quantifiable and qualifiable results. By contrast, if you buy ESD control products, the direct results are not as easily measured. Our employee owned corporation desires to profitably grow our business by helping companies that use ESD sensitive components and products to profitably grow theirs. Our people deal with ESD issues every day, and are attuned to notice compliance problems. Through our support, particularly assisting in training your personnel and providing ESD surveys, our customers receive the very important measurable result of passing ESD audits and qualifying for an increasing amount of business. We encourage you to avail yourself of our ESD expertise as part of your self-auditing program or prior to important customer audits. We are the experts in the application of ESD products and offer our expertise at no additional cost since those costs are included in the price of our products. ESD events can cause very expensive catastrophic and latent failures. It has been estimated that these failures cost industry approximately $5 billion per year. Many times failures are mysterious, and it's cost prohibitive to perform exhaustive failure analysis to determine exactly what really occurred. Latent defects in products already manufactured are particularly troublesome and expensive to address. Many customers assume mysterious failures are ESD related. In addition to helping customers qualify for additional business opportunities, an optimum ESD control system will improve production yields, product quality, and worker productivity. While our customers are dealing with ESD issues, they are simultaneously implementing continuous quality improvements, changing production methods, and upgrading equipment. It is impossible to ascertain what portion of the improvements should be ascribed to the ESD control program. Maintaining an optimum ESD control system is an ongoing process. Every day, the challenge increases as new product development cycles and electronic components shrink, and the sensitivity to ESD events increase. ESD control systems that were adequate in the past, may very well need to be improved. The benefits of an optimum ESD control system should greatly outweigh the costs. Most successful customers work to improve their ESD control system to the level that exceeds their customers' minimum requirements. Continually monitoring and improving their ESD control systems goes along with their other quality efforts. In this way, we can play an import role in helping customers continually improve their production yields, product quality, and worker productivity. Although a complete and compliant system may involve a higher dollar outlay, industry experience shows it to be the lowest cost of static control. We support your profitable sales growth by the design of your ESD control system, in assisting in training your personnel, and in assisting you in obtaining compliance. Use us as your ESD application experts as well as the supplier of your ESD protection components. Please call us today, and request a ESD survey.
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