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Question In our configuration room we have approximately 1300+ feet of ESD floor mats. They are in use 5 1/2 days per week (24 hours per day). They need cleaning after one weeks use. Some are vinyl mats and some are rubber mats. The question is what is the best and most efficient way to clean them? Is there any type of machine to clean them with? Such as a carpet cleaner that both dispenses and extracts liquid and has scrubbing brushes? Or is it down on hands and knees using a scrub brush? For fairness to you, I am letting you know I am asking several ESD companies to give their opinion on this matter. - Greg Williams, ENTEX Information Services, Erlanger, KY
Answer To clean your floor mats, you want to make sure there that the cleaning agents aren’t made with silicones as silicon buildup will create an insulative film on the surface. The key is to remove the dirt without leaving any residual residues that can alter the electrical properties of the mats. You should really contact the manufacturer of the mats to get their recommended cleaning procedure. We have many types of mats in our line. If you know the type of mats you have I can fax you the corresponding technical literature on them. Our Web Site also has all the Tech Drawings for the various mat materials at your disposal in PDF (Adobe Acrobat Reader) format.
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