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Question We are wanting to get rid of our heel straps and convert to continuous wrist strap monitors. There are many different models and they use different applications, i.e. impedance, capacitance, or resistance. How do these differ and which is best? Also, will the wrist straps work through the ESD gloves we have to wear? - Anonymous, Sandston, VA
Answer There are different technologies in continuous or constant monitors. My recommendation would be to stick with impedance based units. This is the primary technology behind most of our units. The impedance based units in general increases the reliability (removes chances of “false” readings), continually monitors (versus statistically monitors in discrete time), and uses a high tech method involving signal reflection and a Fourier analysis to analyze the proper load on the wrist strap. These monitors also check the power ground, the common point ground and the mat ground. I would not recommend attaching a wrist strap over an ESD glove. Either connect the ground cord to the snap on the glove or make sure the grounded wrist strap is making good contact with the skin of the wrist.
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